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Fully Managed Services

What’s better: getting stuff fixed after it breaks or having things run so smoothly that they hardly ever need to be fixed?

Interversant’s Fully Managed Services does just that. It is impossible to achieve perfection, but the truth is that most IT problems are easily prevented so they don’t have a negative impact on your organization’s efficiency and success. We identify and fix problems before they cost you downtime.

We take care of IT, so you can stay focussed on your business.

What is Managed Services?

Its the opposite of “break-fix”. Instead of waiting until something breaks to call for a repair, you hire us to manage all of your IT operations for one fixed monthly rate. We take care of everything IT and you don’t worry about IT anymore.

What are the Benefits?
  1. No worries. We discover and fix problems before they can negatively affect your business. We monitor all of your systems. We use sophisticated, best in the industry tools to protect your systems from viruses, hackers, disgruntled employees and more.
  2. Better performance, fewer errors, almost no downtime. Our tools and processes detect performance problems and take corrective action. Patches and updates are tested by our team of engineers and the safe ones are applied automatically. We plan system maintenance in advance of breakdowns so it has the least impact on your operations.
  3. Focus on your business. You do what you do best, and we will do what we do best – manage your IT. We take care of everything from managing systems to managing suppliers.
How is it Priced?

Depending on your needs, we charge a flat, fixed, monthly fee based on the number of users, devices, servers, etc. This makes IT budgeting a snap.

Not All IT Companies Are The Same

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